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  On the pages of this site you can become acquainted with the article, in which proved the possibility of the realization of "reactionless" displacement in complete agreement with the laws of conservation .
By "reactionless displacement", is implied the displacement of the closed mechanical system only due to the internal forces.


Are given two solutions of the task presented.

The first solution rests on the law of momentum conservation.
Second solution - with the aid of the Lagrange's equations.
Are given recommendations regarding the possible realization of stated task and solution proposed.

Article it is possible also to download' in size PDF.
Difference in the article in size PDF - only in the absence of animation.
(which greatly would be recommended to look!)

The name of site - "varipend" - is created from the confluence of two words
 "variable + pendulum".

The author is grateful to all for their constructive comments.

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Butov S.V.

Additional references

article "NonJet Movement"

One additional solution of this task.
If we consider the missile and rocket fuel combustion products as a single mechanical system, the center of mass of the system remains unchanged position. (In the frame of reference related to the point of launch rockets.)
This is proven and is not subject to any doubt. In the article "NonJet Movement" shows that for a system in which components are separated from the finite radius of the centrifuge, the center of mass system as a whole changes its position in space. In full accordance with the law of conservation of momentum and energy conservation law.
 A numerical calculation in the computer algebra system Maple..


article "Analogy between rotatory and forward motions "

Using an analog method, it can be assumed that must exist the closed mechanical system, capable of changing its attitude only with the aid of the internal forces, without the action from external.

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